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Tracking is a technique in which dogs are trained to locate certain objects by using the object's scent, for a variety of purposes. Tracking has always been an essential skill for dogs to survive in the wild, through hunting and tracking down potential prey.  Primarily, dogs use their sense of smell, to find and follow a track. Dogs have a highly sensitive olfactory system superior to humans, and are able to discriminate between different human’s scents. Moreover, dogs are also able to use visual cues to follow a track


Valerie Caudill has been teaching classes with Terry for at least four of those five. We have always enjoyed the training that Valerie provides. She is very knowledgeable
of animal behavior training techniques and has a great love for dogs. Our dog, Keli, is very fond of Valerie. I think Valerie could ask her to do almost anything and she would do it, treats or no treats.

Bellarmine University Student Dog Scenting Research video

The activity of K9 Nose Work is designed to be accessible to virtually any dog, including dogs who are unable to enjoy other dog activities due to age, physical limitations, lack of obedience, fear or reactivity issues. If your dog has a nose, you've got a K9 Nose Work dog!

While some breed types are known to have stronger sniffers than others, every dog has a nose far more amazing than any human, and every dog has natural instincts to use its nose. What's most important for enjoyment and success in K9 Nose Work is a proper introduction to the activity to build drive and let the dog know how the game is played. If started out right, even the most unlikely of dogs can suprise you on the hunt!




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Tracking classes start on Sunday, January 12th.  Check out our schedule for new classes starting soon!