Classes & Private Training Available

Chloe bannerPlease visit our classes page to see what classes are currently being offered.  We also offer private training sessions if you are interested in some one on one time with one of our trainers.  Please email us for more information on private training.



Terry Vanhook

andyTerry has been training with operant conditioning since 1988 and loves seeing animals respond to positive training. She offers private lessons, and teaches group classes. Terry likes helping people and their dogs develop a bond and relationship based on trust. She finds it especially rewarding to work with dogs that have problems, and to see the difference clicker training can make for them and their owners. Terry teaches classes in Classes offered in Agility (all levels), Obedience, Rally, Tracking, and Freestyle, Control Unleashed classes (based on Leslie McDevitt's book), Canine Good Citizen training and testing, Private behavior consultations  - KPA-CTP- CPDT-KA #1102175- APDT #64693- CGC Evaluator #10186- MDSA #320

Jennifer B. Sinski

chloeheadJennifer has over 17 years of management experience including several years of independent business operation. She is a sociologist studying the human/animal relationship and teaches sociology part-time at University of Louisville while working on PhD studies. She currently takes classes and competes in Agility with her dogs.

Kayla Kurtz

Kayla has been training and completing in AKC (American Kennel Club) for ten years. She started agility at ten years old and fell in love with the sport. Kurtz has been teaching at Competitive Edge Agility for two years. She has received two MACHs (Master Agility Champion) with Bella and Dream. Kayla has gone to AKC Nationals twice in 2014 and 2015 with both Bella and Dream.  Currently, Kayla runs M.E. who is a sheltie in agility and completes in AKC and CPE trials. She has learned the more positive you are in agility, the better results you will receive from your dog. Kayla states "Agility is a sport to have fun with your dog and to create a bond that you will not find anywhere else."

Val Caudill

Val has over 10 years of experieClaytonnce teaching training courses including agility, freestyle, rally, tracking and scenting.  Val has extensive experience competing with her dogs including Katie, Chloe and Clayton - Dachshunds; Kelsey - a German Shorthaired Pointer; Conner - a Sheltland Sheepdog and CaBoum - a Pyrenean Shepherd.  Val's lifelong love of animals makes her truly love what she does on the training field.

Leo Clem

zaneI have been training dogs since 1975. I am a past president and Director of Training of Greater Louisville Training Club. I have been involved with dog agility since the late 1980s. I have taught agility and shown Goldens and Sheltie in Agility. My sheltie Zane has achieved his Master Agility Championship (MACH) I am currently training another Sheltie Merlin.


Jennifer's current research focuses on the impact of Gender on euthanasia rates in animal shelters.  Her research may help organizations reduce the numbers of unwanted companion animals euthanized daily in shelters in the United States.


Valerie's teaching skills are very professional but I think the greatest thing about Valerie as a teacher is making the class fun for the dogs. Keli never fails to have a good time when Valerie isteaching Agility.


Leo has taught me that agility is not just running around a course with my dog. He has shown me how my Cliffy looks for guidance and when I was having trouble communicating with Cliffy, Leo could quickly show me what I needed to improve on.